SpaceBook is helping shape the future of retail and empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs and forward thinking Brands.

About us

How the idea came about

Prior to forming SpaceBooked I was most recently working in Australia’s largest diversified property group. My role that straddled digital strategy and the more traditional forms of marketing.

Meshing my own observations in Australia with global trends (such as collaborative consumption), I realised that technology could facilitate relationships more efficiently and effectively.

There was no doubt that there were many people and businesses out there that could not easily find the spaces they require, for a multitude of reasons.

Then, with an attuned eye I was seeing more and more empty spaces growing in my local community, the centre of Sydney and the localities between. Every second commercial space was empty. The size of the opportunity became more apparent! We were getting more and more excited and continued to develop our business strategy.


The Empty Spaces program by the University of Technology highlighted the impact that these empty spaces have on our retail landscape, local communities, investment, employment and ultimately the economy can not be under-estimated.

SpaceBook launched in October 2012 at the 'Pop-up one-on-one' conference organised by the City of Sydney. Over 500 people attended the event and we met many more people who were eager to find a way to connect with short-term spaces or seekers.

Global Recognition

We recognise the huge potential to expand SpaceBooked into other continents in the future. We were delighted when City of Barcelona expressed a strong interest in adopting this platform to overcome the problem of having too many under-utilised commercial spaces. We are still in discussion about how we could make this possible

What is SpaceBook?

SpaceBook is a marketplace for short-term commercial space of all kinds. From retail spaces, shopping centre mall spaces. building foyers for exclusive brand activation to markets, festival and event popup opportunities

Spaces you can book by the day, week or month.

We make it easy for:

  • Businesses (from small or multinational) to open a store for the duration required
  • Space owners to publicise what spaces are available.
  • This is done by providing a platform that facilitates this easy connection.
  • Foster and grow the share economy. We are passionate about Collaborative Consumption and its benefits.
  • Ultimately, we want to make starting an offline store as easy as an online store, and empower anyone to do so.