Act like pop-up President, Kanye West.

Not because he just reiterated his 2020 US presidential candidacy or once called himself “God’s vessel”. Or because the polyonymous West says he’s too busy writing history to read it. No, you should act like Yeezy if you want attention and sales.

Short-term is the future

Yeezus knows how to seize the day. He gets that short term is the right long-term play. He lives in the moment – so it’s no surprise Mr West chose a pop-up strategy to deliver on his: “I’m going to be the Tupac of clothing” prophecy.

Pablo recently opened 21 pop-ups in 21 cities globally. Each temporary shop featuring exclusive merch from his new The Life of Pablo album. These stores sold city-specific fashion unavailable anywhere else for just three days. And they sold a lot.

It’s an omnichannel world

One way pop-ups create demand is by tapping the awesome power of FOMO. They help fashion brands like our client Style Runner to check in with their customers by renting space where and when they need it. Kanye connected with fans and made money. Style Runner’s current Oxford Street Sydney popup is a gallery that sells – and a gateway to their far greater online inventory.

Treat space as media

Pop-ups are a powerful trust and relationship building tool – vital to any omnichannel marketing strategy. Think no leases, no sunk costs, no commitment. Think of retail space as just like any other media – you only pay for it when you need it.

Big-ass potential

Ok, I get that any level of exposure to “Ye Guevara” can be unpleasant, but he knows how to make a noise to pull eyes ears and wallets. Plus he makes sacrifices for his art – can you think of anything worse than marrying a Kardashian? And while he’s locked himself in there, he’s not about to risk signing a five year lease on retail premises.

You shouldn’t either, especially when you can simply rent smart short-term space when you need it.

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