Experience the connected home

With the Open House concept store, Target may have done one better than the physical retailers and even Amazon’s own home automation channel. Inside Open House you’ll find connected light bulbs, baby monitors, sprinklers, doorbells, and more. They are displayed in rooms featuring the clear plastic furniture, which is actually an amazing showcase for the color-changing Hue light bulbs from Philips and on interactive tables that are new to the retailer.

Target’s goal with its connected home is to identify where retail needs to be in the future. “Innovation is a critical part of our belief system,” said Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Casey Carl, a Target veteran who was promoted to his current role in December. “My role … is to further that innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. That means pushing for products and retail services in new ways, whether it’s new markets, new channels or new products themselves. But it’s also about a far more disruptive force, in looking at where Target needs to go, how the guest experience can evolve and how we can create new businesses.

Target - Open House

Target – Open House

I wonder how long do we need to wait until Australian retailers start experimenting with technology.

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