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Transforming static bricks‑and‑mortar spaces into dynamic destinations.

SpaceBook is your online marketplace space platform designed to meet bricks-and-mortar needs to be more flexible and dynamic in the era of experience-based destinations.

Whether  you are managing a single or many stores across different locations or shopping centre precincts to office towers, maximise space usage and income with SpaceBook.

For landlords

Unlock your space full income potential by activating idle or under-utilised spaces.

For retail managers

Turn static single purpose retail spaces into dynamic and experience-base destinations.

Maximise usage.
Optimize revenue.

Traditional commercial real estate leases are for a single usage and very local focus but in the age of ecommerce and global reach, use SpaceBook Marketplace platform to scale your tenant potential and be maket everywhere.

All the features you need to transform static into active spaces

  Multi-venue
All of your locations in one digital platform.
SpaceBook makes it easy to manage your shared spaces - whether you have one location or a network of many.
 Quotes and Invoices
Quotes accepted. Invoices Paid. Automatic.
Invoices are automated after the other party has accepted your quote. Accept payments via Credit Card or Direct Bank deposits.
 CRM goes into space marketplace
Users at the centre of everything
A CRM dashboard designed uniquely for the management of flexible space bookings. Simplify managing leads and teams.
 Space Booking
Allow any kind of space to be booked in real time, from anywhere.
From vacant spaces or idle such as rooftops, outdoor forecourts or foyers to shop-in-shop or pop-ups - space is a valuable resource.
 You-and-tenant. Instant Message
Manage the end-to-end tenant journey from lead to moving-in/out - repeat!
Centralizing your communication methods keeps everyone on the same page and cuts down on unnecessary clutter.
 Manage your spaces flexibly.
Rent your spaces by the hour, day, week
or months
From event spaces, shopping centre mall spaces, shop-in-shop, brand activation spaces - there are many varieties of activities suitable for flexible rentals.

Ready to transform your space?

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